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February 2016 Update
Duration: 27min 29sec
Name: Henrietta
Sasha Rating: 7/10
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Dating Henrietta from the web (as all other women) wasn't that easy. After longer chats during several weeks she agreed to come visit her at her home.
This older woman lives alone and it turned out that she's really a naughty woman. Unbelievable the horny some older ladies can be.
I had sex with her trying a variety of sextoys and after all this adventure, I gained a new experience.
My points for this time is 7 out of 10.
Brigita enjoys naughty lesbian action
February 2016 Update
Duration: 26min 41sec
Name: Brigita
Sasha Rating: 9/10
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I thought it would be time to investigate again, looking for some hot older lady for my friend and me, getting some naughty time.
While having sex with my friend, I told him Brigita answered to my message and agreed to have an appointment with us.
We went to visit her at her home and it took not too long to get her big boobs out. She loved the idea of getting fucked with some toy from behind, so we got straight into a naughty sex action.
My points for her are 9 out of 10 for the great time we had.
Her first time on cam with girl
January 2016 Update
Duration: 23min 12sec
Lenka Rating: 8/10
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Looking in advertisings I found a special kind of woman. After chatting and talking with her on phone she seemed funny and cool to me, thats why I decided to check her out. My thoughts were confirmed, it was really fun being with this older woman. For Lenka it was the first time being on cam with another girl and she loved it.
My friend behind the camera just enjoyed watching our hot show. I love sex with older experienced women, it's so much fun.
On a scale of 1-10 i'd give her 8 points.
Naughty threesome with chubby older woman
November 2015 Update
Duration: 25min 33sec
Name: Amalia
Sasha Rating: 7/10
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This time i contacted Amalia over the Internet as always, the conversation with her was great, we got really quick talking about sex life. She told me she never had fun with another girl and she'd like to try it. On the pics she sent me she seemed really nice, and it seems she also liked me.
We dated near to our home, from then everything went just so quick. After having a nice talk we got into the bathroom and got ready to have a great time full of pleasure.
On a scale of 1-10 i'd give her 7 points.
Nice chubby mom playing with us
November 2015 Update
Duration: 28min 14sec
Sasha Rating: 8/10
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This chubby older woman wasn't that hard to convince to have a threesome with us. By messaging her she told me she is quite horny and ready to experience new things. After few days we had a meeting with her at her home. Some time of conversation and a cup of coffee leaded to an open talk about sex.
In that issue we matched so i asked her to try it today and she agreed. In the meantime she went into shower i took the opportunity to suck my friend's cock and make him horny. The sex action with her afterwards was great, i loved it.
My points for her are 8 out ot 10.

Sexy older lady more than horny
November 2015 Update
Duration: 27min 21sec
Name: Sandra
Sasha Rating: 10/10
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At first sight i didn't really know what to think about Sandra, as she sent me some pictures acting as Domina. So i thought well, that would be getting into something different, although later on i took the control. I can tell you, this woman is a real pervert, she loves any kind of fisting, in pussy or even anal...she is able to put any kind of bigger object in her holes. I never did see something like that in real life, but i kinda liked it. Being with this woman was great so on the scale out of 10 i give her full 10 points.

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